Chablis to Beaune

Having just returned from France (again) having climbed the rather silly distance of more than 9,000 metres on a bicycle through the Alps, it seems almost a relief to return to writing about wine.  This write up is of the trip from Chablis to Beaune. The first of many new facts to dawn upon meContinue reading “Chablis to Beaune”

Dominique Mugneret Alliance des Terroirs Vosne-Romanée 2009

My quest for a well priced village Vosne-RomanĂ©e led to this wine, found stray at the back of a shelf.  The quest continues.  A medium intensity ruby in colour, this pinot noir has aromatics reminding of earth, stones and lightly scented cherry.  The palate has light length, mild cherry flavours and seems a bit dilute.Continue reading “Dominique Mugneret Alliance des Terroirs Vosne-RomanĂ©e 2009”

Domaine Joseph Faiveley Vosne-Romanée 2010

A village wine from the prestigious Vosne-RomanĂ©e appellation in the CĂ´te de Nuits, Joseph Faiveley’s 2010 underachieved a little for my palate.  It is a pale intensity ruby colour in the glass and has aromatics of simple cherries, stones and some earth.  The palate is dry, has towards high acidity, light tannins, and an agreeableContinue reading “Domaine Joseph Faiveley Vosne-RomanĂ©e 2010”