Riversdale Estate Roaring 40s Riesling 2015

Riversdale Estate is situated in the Coal River region of Tasmania, and have produced here a lovely riesling.  With latitudes including the 42s, while mainland Australia does not breach the 40 degree mark, it comes as no surprise that Tasmania is starting to realise its potential for cool climate wines.  This riesling is dry andContinue reading “Riversdale Estate Roaring 40s Riesling 2015”

Robert Stein Half Dry Riesling 2015

Although I’m not sure if “half dry” is in common usage, this is a lovely riesling from Robert Stein in Mudgee that straddles off-dry and medium-dry on the palate, and seems closer to the former.  The wine opens to aromatics of stone and lemon pith.  The palate is fresh with good length and balance.  IContinue reading “Robert Stein Half Dry Riesling 2015”

Austins & Co Crisp Dry White 2015

I liked this producer’s riesling (see my review here), so it makes a great deal of sense that I also liked this wine too, which is a blend of riesling (76%) and pinot gris (24%).  Labelled as a “crisp dry white” from the Geelong region, the wine in the bottle proves to be exactly that.Continue reading “Austins & Co Crisp Dry White 2015”