Range Life Garganega 2016

This is an interesting local version of garganega from the King Valley in Victoria.  It’s the same grape variety as Soave in north eastern Italy and fits the King Valley’s Italian influence.  In the glass, it has aromas of smoke and stone.  The palate is dry, full bodied and the acidity medium.  An approachable styleContinue reading “Range Life Garganega 2016”

Monte Tondo Mito Soave 2018

This is a fairly basic Soave from Monte Tondo in north eastern Italy. Made entirely from garganega, it has a herbal aroma with lemon undertones. The palate is dry with no oak and is ready to drink now. Rating: Acceptable. Abv: 12%. Price: <$20. Website: https://www.montetondo.it. Reviewed: December 2019.

Zeni Soave Classico 2016

This is a sound Soave Classico from Zeni, and a blend of garganega and trebbiano. In the glass, there are aromas of peach and cedar which gives a chardonnay like impression. The palate is medium bodied and dry, with some residual sugar. Pleasant enough, this wine will suit current drinking. Rating: Good. Abv: 12.5%. Price:Continue reading “Zeni Soave Classico 2016”