Hannes Reeh Burgenland Pinot Noir 2015

This charming pinot noir from Burgenland in Austria has an extravagant, gorgeous fragrance that can only be pinot noir, reminding of autumn leaves and cherry. The palate is medium to full bodied, savoury and has attractive length. The wine returns to earth with its modest structure and complexity, which is consistent with an earlier drinkingContinue reading “Hannes Reeh Burgenland Pinot Noir 2015”

Rosi Schuster Sankt Laurent Burgenland Austria 2013

Sankt Laurent, the St-Laurent grape variety as it is known in Austria, is pinot noir like in colour and expression. This particular bottle is restrained and earthy, and I would suggest appears to have a brettanoymces character. Its palate appears a little stripped, and hardened. Pity. Rating: Not rated. Abv: 12%. Price: $20s. Website: N/A.