Giesen The Brothers Sauvignon Blanc 2011

I don’t drink a lot of Marlborough sauvignon blanc, but equally I don’t hold a faddish stance against it. ¬†The grape variety simply works in Marlborough, it having defined the region much as certain grape varieties have defined the classic wine regions of France, Germany, Italy and Spain. ¬†I think this is no small achievement.Continue reading “Giesen The Brothers Sauvignon Blanc 2011”

Krinklewood Verdelho 2012

Obscure wine varieties seem to find their way on to wine lists, and the countries of Italy, Spain, Portugal and even France produce their share of obscure wines to sate this desire. ¬†My case leads and ends with the wines of Irouleguy. ¬†Australian interpretations seem to follow closely behind, with the perpetual quest to matchContinue reading “Krinklewood Verdelho 2012”