Elgee Park Cabernet Merlot 2009

Elgee Park, a name many won’t be familiar with, is the oldest vineyard on the Mornington Peninsula having been established in 1972.  It heralded the Mornington Peninsula’s third, and perhaps final re-birth as a wine region, but that is another story.  The vineyard was established on the property of Baillieu and Sarah Myer (of the MyerContinue reading “Elgee Park Cabernet Merlot 2009”

Xanadu Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2012

Climatically, the Margaret River has a number of similarities to the Bordeaux region, so it is no particular surprise to see more than a few wineries try their hands at blends of sauvignon blanc and semillon, a.k.a. white Bordeaux.  Xanadu’s effort here is of interest, speaking clearly of its new world origins in its winemakingContinue reading “Xanadu Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2012”

Merlot in Australia

  Introduction Given the quality ambitions of many Australian producers, the relative underperformance of merlot in Australia has always struck me as something of an anomaly that is worthy of further thought and attention.  So what is wrong then with Australian merlot? Like all good stories, we have an alleged culprit. Locally the finger generallyContinue reading “Merlot in Australia”

Phylloxera: Victoria and South Australian changes

Phillip White wrote an interesting article the other day on proposed changes to relax rules in South Australia regarding the transport of grape harvesters and other machinery and equipment from Victoria to South Australia, provided that they have come from a “phylloxera exclusion zone”. For those unacquainted with phylloxera, it is the insect that laid wasteContinue reading “Phylloxera: Victoria and South Australian changes”

Cabernet Sauvignon – Which clone is that? Or a possible riposte to terroir.

I think I believe in terroir, I do.  Wines that taste of a place.  An identification with stones, earth, soil, salty or foreign winds, fog and weather that all play their role in maintaining and augmenting this belief.  Or care free holidays.  But, for my sins, I am also somewhat rational, and wonder, and perhapsContinue reading “Cabernet Sauvignon – Which clone is that? Or a possible riposte to terroir.”