Coriole Sangiovese 2011

Coriole have some of Australia’s oldest plantings of sangiovese, with vineyards dating from 1985.  Being partial to sangiovese, a grape variety that Australia has mostly struggled with, the older vine Coriole sangiovese naturally caught my attention. Unfortunately, and despite wishing that the position were otherwise, I didn’t find this wine particularly commendable.  The 2011 vintageContinue reading “Coriole Sangiovese 2011”

Lark Hill Dark Horse Viognier 2012 and Terra Felix Viognier 2009

Viognier, once seen as a successor to the reign of sauvignon blanc (or is it pinot gris, grüner veltliner, vermentino or the latest Greek arrival …), can be a troubling grape with its propensity for high alcohol coupled with unripe flavours.  When managed well though it can produce the goods, and here are two well-pricedContinue reading “Lark Hill Dark Horse Viognier 2012 and Terra Felix Viognier 2009”

Kyneton Ridge Estate Shiraz 2010

If I may generalise, like some of South Australia, I think Heathcote as a region seemed to get overly caught up in the “fruit bomb” fad and hasn’t quite moved on as tastes have changed.  Classic styles, like black, inevitably return to fashion.  For a region with such potential, unique soil and such quality ofContinue reading “Kyneton Ridge Estate Shiraz 2010”

Phylloxera: Victoria and South Australian changes

Phillip White wrote an interesting article the other day on proposed changes to relax rules in South Australia regarding the transport of grape harvesters and other machinery and equipment from Victoria to South Australia, provided that they have come from a “phylloxera exclusion zone”. For those unacquainted with phylloxera, it is the insect that laid wasteContinue reading “Phylloxera: Victoria and South Australian changes”

Cabernet Sauvignon – Which clone is that? Or a possible riposte to terroir.

I think I believe in terroir, I do.  Wines that taste of a place.  An identification with stones, earth, soil, salty or foreign winds, fog and weather that all play their role in maintaining and augmenting this belief.  Or care free holidays.  But, for my sins, I am also somewhat rational, and wonder, and perhapsContinue reading “Cabernet Sauvignon – Which clone is that? Or a possible riposte to terroir.”