Chateau Citran 2009

Chateau Citran is a label that I return to year-in year-out, and the estate has released a good wine here  in the 2009 vintage, although my second bottle of it tasted more recently was less impressive.  It’s a blend of 50% cabernet sauvignon and 50% merlot. The main problem with this vintage of Bordeaux, IContinue reading “Chateau Citran 2009”

Krinklewood Verdelho 2012

Obscure wine varieties seem to find their way on to wine lists, and the countries of Italy, Spain, Portugal and even France produce their share of obscure wines to sate this desire.  My case leads and ends with the wines of Irouleguy.  Australian interpretations seem to follow closely behind, with the perpetual quest to matchContinue reading “Krinklewood Verdelho 2012”

Merlot in Australia

  Introduction Given the quality ambitions of many Australian producers, the relative underperformance of merlot in Australia has always struck me as something of an anomaly that is worthy of further thought and attention.  So what is wrong then with Australian merlot? Like all good stories, we have an alleged culprit. Locally the finger generallyContinue reading “Merlot in Australia”

Two good cabernets and a shadow

Every now and then a blind tasting just knocks your socks off, and teaches you something too.  In this case, it was helpful to learn that a “super premium” label that I have recently had doubts about gave rise to the same doubts when tasted blind, and two prestigious labels that I am very partialContinue reading “Two good cabernets and a shadow”

Cabernet Sauvignon – Which clone is that? Or a possible riposte to terroir.

I think I believe in terroir, I do.  Wines that taste of a place.  An identification with stones, earth, soil, salty or foreign winds, fog and weather that all play their role in maintaining and augmenting this belief.  Or care free holidays.  But, for my sins, I am also somewhat rational, and wonder, and perhapsContinue reading “Cabernet Sauvignon – Which clone is that? Or a possible riposte to terroir.”