Craiglee Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

If you wondered whether I deliberately or coincidentally fossick around various Victorian wine regions looking for undiscovered cabernet based wines, the answer is the former.  Absurdly enough, aside from finding good wines, it is also the thought of some amazing early twentieth century Victorian cabernet wines that I have only read about that makes thisContinue reading “Craiglee Cabernet Sauvignon 2007”

Phylloxera: Victoria and South Australian changes

Phillip White wrote an interesting article the other day on proposed changes to relax rules in South Australia regarding the transport of grape harvesters and other machinery and equipment from Victoria to South Australia, provided that they have come from a “phylloxera exclusion zone”. For those unacquainted with phylloxera, it is the insect that laid wasteContinue reading “Phylloxera: Victoria and South Australian changes”

A natural wine dinner, naturally

I attended earlier this week a natural wines dinner hosted by well known Australian wine writer Max Allen at the genial Montague Hotel in South Melbourne.  The food and wines were good, and so worth mentioning, as well as the underlying premise of the evening – a practical debate on the merits of natural winesContinue reading “A natural wine dinner, naturally”