Bowen Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

I continue to purchase Bowen Estate’s cabernet sauvignon from Coonawarra year-in, year-out, but seldomly drink them as most of our stock is still too young. ¬†I decided to look in on the 2007 vintage and wasn’t disappointed. The wine is evolving nicely, and unexpectedly appeared much more left bank Bordeaux like than a Margaret RiverContinue reading “Bowen Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2007”

Xanadu Chardonnay 2010

Call it terroir, a common winemaking ethos forged by the stunning isolation of the Margaret River wine region (even by Australian standards) or just plain luck, but there is a certain similarity in quality and style that I found with Margaret River chardonnay. ¬†And it works for me. Xanadu’s 2010 chardonnay is a bright paleContinue reading “Xanadu Chardonnay 2010”

Langtons Classification Tasting: September 2013

The Langtons auction house classification tasting has quickly become one of the “must attend” tastings on the Australian wine calendar. ¬†The Langtons¬†classification¬†is a ranking of 123 of Australia’s best wines in the categories “exceptional”, “outstanding”, “excellent” and “distinguished”. ¬†To make the grade, the wine must have at least 10 vintages, and a judgement is formedContinue reading “Langtons Classification Tasting: September 2013”

Xanadu Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2012

Climatically, the Margaret River has a number of similarities to the Bordeaux region, so it is no particular surprise to see more than a few wineries try their hands at blends of sauvignon blanc and semillon, a.k.a. white Bordeaux. ¬†Xanadu’s effort here is of interest, speaking clearly of its new world origins in its winemakingContinue reading “Xanadu Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2012”

Pepperilly Estate Wines Purple Patch 2010

Pepperilly Estate is situated in the Ferguson Valley in the Geographe region immediately north of the Margaret River region. ¬†Geographe has a warm to hot mostly maritime climate, and thus it is not a surprise to see some southern Rh√īne varietals planted here. ¬†Their “Purple Patch” wine is a blend of 65% grenache, 20% mourvedreContinue reading “Pepperilly Estate Wines Purple Patch 2010”

Merlot in Australia

  Introduction Given the quality ambitions of many Australian producers, the relative underperformance of merlot in Australia has always struck me as something of an anomaly that is worthy of further thought and attention.  So what is wrong then with Australian merlot? Like all good stories, we have an alleged culprit. Locally the finger generallyContinue reading “Merlot in Australia”