Domaine de Bellene L’eclos Des Abeille 2018 Wine Review

This wine review is of a chardonnay from the 2018 vintage of Domaine de Bellene and the Côteaux Bourguignons in Burgundy. The Côteaux Bourguignons is a regional appellation which permits the grapes to be sourced from anywhere in Burgundy, including Beaujolais. The informative Bourgogne Wines reference website provides further information about the appellation here. The Côteaux Bourguignons is not an appellation to find the very best wines of the region. However, this wine from Domaine de Bellene rises above the appellation and is a very good wine. It has high acidity, a medium body, moderate alcohol, no discernible oak and a chiselled, minerally expression. This chardonnay is drinking well now, and should continue to do so for another 2 to 3 years. Rating: Good to Very Good. Website: Subscribe for Reviews: Reviewed: January 2021.

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