A few updates

A few updates in no particular order:

1. Studying for the upcoming Master of Wine exams continues at pace. I have resisted posting on some more obscure wines, a Canadian cabernet franc ice wine comes to mind here, but I must say it has been a brilliant and broadening experience.

2. Wine Geelong was kind enough to get in touch with me to republish an article I wrote some years ago for wine magazine Alquimie on the Geelong wine region. You can now read it here: https://winegeelong.com.au/history/.

3. You may have seen that I recently updated the website platform of grapeobserver.com. Specifically I moved it over to WordPress which, looking at the results, is something I should have done along time ago. It has made the website more secure, searchable and presentable on multiple platforms. And frankly it’s easier to use. Please let me know if you spot anything awry.

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