MW studies update

At risk of interrupting the flow of wine reviews, I thought I’d give a brief update on my Master of Wine (MW) studies.  I recently learnt that I had passed stage 1 of the MW examination process.  This stage involves a 2 hour, 12 wine blind practical examination and 2 hour written theory examination.  You can ponder the exam and exam wines here.  They are far from easy, and I am very pleased to have passed it.  Expectations on the MW course are extraordinarily high, which I think is a very encouraging reflection on the programme.  Passing this exam means I now move to the next stage which, prosaically enough, is called stage 2.  No good deed going unpunished, the stage 2 exams are in June next year.  This almost guarantees that I will be tasting as widely as possible between now and then, and I look forward to sharing as many reviews as I am able.  Thank you for your continuing readership.

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