Some tinkering around the edges

A short admin update.  I’ve made a couple of subtle changes that will hopefully improve the website in a practical sense.  First and foremost, the search feature now finds all posts on  This proved more perplexing than expected, as I had erroneously assumed that the default search box would do exactly that – search for things.  Happily, the new one does.  The process of calibrating the search feature also revealed a second improvement, which is that almost all posts appear now to have been indexed on Google.  In short, this should in theory mean that reviews are also easier to find outside of the website too.  The second minor feature is you can now “like” individual posts.  A small change, but some (like me) find that’s easier than tapping out long comments.  The final minor change is that, in the interests of simplifying things (there’s only so many platforms one person can man!), I have let go Google+ so you won’t see republished on Google+ from now.  If you followed me over there, thank you and I do hope you’ll subscribe by email here.  Thank you for your continuing support.

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