I wanted to say a quick thank you to those putting up with a few little teething problems with the refresh of grapeobserver.com.  And a special big thank you to those who have kindly let me know what the site’s been up to.  In the interests of readability, simplicity and frankly just getting on with things, I’ve relinquished some aesthetics, and will let the experts do their thing with the rest in due course.  I can assure you that “due course” will not be soon!  Now, back to writing about wine.  It’s been a good week on that front.  I have been fortunate to taste some outstanding wines brought in by Bordeaux and Beyond who have a flair for finding very good Bordeaux at the right price.  Also on the list is some excellent sparkling wine from Stefano Lubiana in Tasmania.  Tasmania I think has started to put daylight behind it and the rest as Australia’s premier sparkling wine region.  And finally I caught up with Jonathan Hamer at Tarrahill in the Yarra Valley, who is fashioning some very good quality Yarra Valley pinot noir, cabernet and chardonnay.  Posts to follow shortly.

2 thoughts on “Learnings”

  1. Your site looks good on Safari, Sean. All the bits and pieces are there. Well done. I'm sure you'll achieve what you're after \”in the fulness of time\” as Sir Humphrey put it !I get frustrated by Blogger and may 'convert'. You'll have to tell me the pros and cons if you have a moment.

  2. Thanks Peter, that's good to know! I weighed up moving from Blogger as against a refresh on the same platform. For now, I have ended up going with the latter (my interim solution…) as I was worried about 6 years of wine reviews not porting across properly and the custom domain name adding an extra complication with potential outages and potentially weeks of work reconfiguring links. It also became apparent that Blogger is very stable across different browsers and platforms, which is one less thing to think about. That said, WordPress and Square Space (the latter in particular looks great) continue to tempt!

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