Some new reading

Since the decline of Google Reader, I have tried a few RSS feed readers before settling on the iPhone app, “Newsify” to perform the same function to curate my appetite for wine related content.  A limitation of Newsify (and RSS feed readers in general) is that I just end up reading stories without really interacting with them.  This coupled with my tendency not to comment particularly much, means that I read many good wine related articles without really letting the authors know I have done exactly that.  Facebook’s “like button” can help fill this space, but equally, it would be kind to say more and a “thanks, that was good/interesting” button would suffice for a lot of scenarios!  I managed to work out how to put a Facebook like button on posts, but it’s fair to say it took learning some html code, and it probably shouldn’t be that hard.

A second tendency is that the wine media I follow gets trapped in the app (which no doubt is its sneaky point), and I am not sharing effectively.  To that end, I’ve updated my links on to wine resources to pickup a few new wine blogs I’ve been reading in the last while (and in some cases for quite some time).  Here are the (new) links I’ve added in no particular order (well, alphabetical order actually, but you get my drift): Bonnezeauxgonzo, C’est La Vino, Artisan Wine on a Budget, Dermot’s Wine Blog, Dispatches from a Grape Nut, Wine Anorak, Lewin on Wine, Perth Wine Enthusiast, Rockss and Fruit, Sediment, Travelling Corkscrew, Vineyard Paul and Vinonotebook.  No doubt there are many more.  More generally, a few wine blogs seem to stand on their own with no particular reference to others (not sure if this is a new tendency?) which seems just a little bit hermetic.  I think wine is best shared and get great value from reading and learning from others’ contributions.

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