A few wine apps

I’ve decided to give three wine apps a go over the next month or so.  The first is Vivino which looks pretty clever and useable at first glance.  A sort of cross between Facebook, Strava and Wine-Searcher on first impressions  The second is Winosphere which is an Australian app, and looks to be a cross between Winefront, Twitter and Wine-Searcher.  The third is CellarTracker which seems more cellar inventory and US focussed.  I suspect it unlikely I will feel a desire to inventory my cellar anytime soon and start logging “ins” and “outs” which seems rather distinctly unfun.  But an inner accountant may emerge yet.

2 thoughts on “A few wine apps”

  1. Vivino is a winner for sure. The camera feature can parse most of the Oz wine labels I've thrown at it, and they are in the database. There's enough of a user base here to provide reviews for them too. The only downside, and I'm sure that it is common to all these crowd-sourced review systems, is that the same wine ends up in their system under multiple entries, each with its own set of reviews. One of my standard quaffers – Saltram's Pepperjack – is there at least twice, \”Saltam\” \”Pepperjack\”… and probably a couple of others as well.Oh and on this subject, anybody with an interest in craft/microbrewery beers should try \”Beer Citizen\”. It seems to have all the tasty Oz microbreweries in it. VB, not so much 🙂


  2. I'd have to agree with you so far: Vivino is looking good. Just found the same issue you found too i.e. same wines showing up under 5 different spellings. A job for an algorithm maybe, or a curator. Cheers for the microbrewery tips 🙂


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