Off to Burgundy

Please forgive the momentary digression from wine reviews, but many of you will be aware that I completed the WSET diploma early last year, which was the culmination of some years of study and some rather lengthy and weighty exams on all aspects of the world of wine.  In a rather large case of I’ve had worse news, I have learnt that for my endeavours as a high achieving graduate of the WSET diploma, I have been awarded the Bibendum PLB Blason de Bourgogne WSET scholarship, which consists of a four to five day study trip to Burgundy.  Left to my own devices, I suspect I still would be unable to construct such an attractive agenda as that proposed.  I also think I may now be just silly enough, and my wife patient enough, to seek to apply to the Masters of Wine programme this year.  But first, to Burgundy…

4 thoughts on “Off to Burgundy”

  1. Thanks mate. Off in early June. The precise agenda is still being worked out, but looks like 5 days across Chablis, Burgundy more generally and then down to Beaujolais, with a throng of producer visits in planning. Can't wait, and to be sure, I plan to post as much as able 🙂

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