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This is just a short note to let you know that one of my more recent posts on carignan has also wended its way into the Vinodiversity wine magazine.  Vinodiversity, both the wine magazine and website, is the product of a passion of Darby Higgs for alternative wine varieties in Australia.  For me, it is a useful reference point for information on alternative grape varieties, and who is producing them locally.  From aglianico and albarino right through to zinfandel.  And it’s quite amazing to see just how many Australian producers are producing wine from grape varieties that only recently might have raised a quizzical eyebrow.  Just as an example, I counted 19 producers of the Georgian grape variety, saperavi.  I’ve had some very good experiences with the grape in good hands in the King Valley, but this number rather surprised me!  Here’s hoping someone someday too will let mencia from the Bierzo region in north western Spain take root on these shores, in particular having recently read of it being planted in California.

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