Bordeaux under screw cap

I tasted last night my first high quality Bordeaux wine that I have seen bottled under screwcap, the Les Tourelles de Longueville, the second wine of the illustrious Pichon Longueville Baron.  I wonder whether this is a new development in high quality Bordeaux, or a bottling for a screwcap sympathetic market such as Australia and New Zealand?

Unlike many in Australia, while partial to screwcaps, I also don’t mind corks either.  The good producers always seem to get the good corks, particularly in my anecdotal experience, the better French producers.  Nonetheless, for the wines that I buy now that are more expensive, and Bordeaux certainly falls into that category, I felt somewhat relieved to see a screwcap here from such a renowned producer.  I expect it will give me (unneeded) courage to stock up without fear of disappointment 10 years down the track.  Maybe the screwcap bandwagon might slow down enough for me to jump on.

2 thoughts on “Bordeaux under screw cap”

  1. I suspect that it was a bottling for a screw cap sympathetic market as you suggest as in some other reviews the wine seems to be under a cork stopper.


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