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Vin de Champagne Awards 2014

I noticed that entries for the biannual Vin de Champagne awards, organised on behalf of the Comite Champagne, open on 1 April 2014.  Among other things, a two week educational tour of Champagne is on offer for the prizewinners in each of the professional and amateur categories.  Here’s a link on James Halliday’s site.

I have been intending to enter this competition for some years, but in posting this, hopefully I will remember this time.  The prize is a little too attractive to ignore.  I rather assume I would be classified as an “amateur” entrant on the grounds of being a humble wine blog writer, albeit one soon hopefully to find out whether I have passed the final hurdle of the exacting WSET diploma and hopefully to be awarded some new letters after my name.  As with many things in life, I neatly fit into the “other” category.  The professional questions from prior years did look a bit more like the WSET diploma standard, if I am to be frank.  I suspect it can’t hurt to ask.

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