Wine storage, absurdity, and other things

I was going to take a photo of the bottle, but that would have led to perhaps the not unfair question as to why I was doing that.  Inevitably, that would have been awkward.  So you are left with a pretty picture instead.  The actual scene was a bottle of Hill of Grace early 2000s vintage, sealed under cork, stored at a wine store bolt upright, at or near, though I did not have a thermometer with me surprisingly enough, today’s lovely temperature of around 29c.  Now, personally, I prefer to store my wine hanging from a south facing tree, but since that is only an occasionally expressed personal preference, I didn’t think it merited disqualification in respect of the following analysis.

I suspect that our vendor will have considered that the turnover of this wine is not so high that the gamble of poor short term display decisions can be made.  I also guess that it is likely that our vendor is aware that wine stored upright might result in the cork drying out, thus reducing its effectiveness as a seal and eventually prematurely exposing the wine to destructive oxygen, thereby incrementally increasing potential replacement or refund liability as vendor and the blood pressure of its customers.

Which leaves us with something of a problem involving an elephant, a room and a slightly longer than comfortable pause among acquaintances.  An adventurous soul might form the calculated assessment that upright storage is justified because the risk of cork taint is sufficiently high that, on balance, it is safer to store the cork sealed bottle upright to minimise contact of the cork with the wine and run the risk of premature oxidation.  Riches await such person.  The elephant’s views remain, perhaps not unexpectedly, unknown.  I missed the meeting.  That wine stored in this way could conceivably result in better visibility from a marketing point of view, and might even bump up the prestige of the store, the surrounding wines and sell a few more bottles is, I theorise, a mere coincidence.

Humour is intended, although postage and handling is separate.

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