Some new wine packaging

Putting to one side the inexplicable awkwardness of taking a photograph in a supermarket, here’s a photograph of some new wine packaging that I stumbled across:

It looks very similar to the packaging used for fruit purée.  I suppose we’ve had cask (bag-in-a-box) wine for years, so it should not be a complete surprise then to find wine packaged in a sachet on sale for a few bucks.  Except, well, that it is.

You even get a winemaker’s tasting note, which you can read here.  No grape variety or vintage is specified, though a region is given – South Eastern Australia.  The latter is basically Australia excluding the unruly Western Australians.  As useful to the consumer perhaps as the food labelling laws that see the discerning reader receiving the following helpful guidance: “made in Australia from local and imported ingredients”.

I guess wine packaged this way could be useful on a plane, in a backpack or in your pocket.  It may even be environmentally friendly, though I could not find much information on it.  I do know that a straw on the front perhaps would complete the aesthetic.  Who said wine was romantic?

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