Chateau Lynch-Moussas 2007

Chateau Lynch-Moussas is one of the well priced cru classés and can be very good indeed in the better vintages (the best I have tasted is the 2005 vintage).  However, there have only been a handful of wines from the modest 2007 Bordeaux vintage that I have tried so far that have delivered. This wine unfortunately is not one of them.  
It is bright purple in colour.  An aroma of oak, wood, spices, match sticks and a herbaceous character.  The oak derived characters were really quite present.  On the palate, medium-high acidity, medium tannins with notes of plums and blackberries.  This is a balanced wine and a typical Bordeaux in many respects, but is probably ready to drink now, and though it will soften, I suspect it won’t improve much from here.  84 points.
Price: $63
Tasted: October 2011

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