Balnaves The Tally Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

Sigh.  Another cabernet sauvignon with 15% alcohol.  I almost get tired looking at the bottle.  This is one of Australia’s leading wines, and I think it is a very good wine – it’s quite obvious really.  Taste it.  Dark in colour, an aroma of anise and licorice spring forth from the bottle.  Unmistakably Coonawarra cabernet sauvignon; resolutely not cabernet sauvignon from those other places.  Terroir most likely.  On the palate, long length, medium to high acidity and similar licorice and chocolate flavours.  The elevated alcohol poked through at times, flash heating the mouth.  With the exception of the immediately preceding sentence, these are generally good notes to be writing about a wine, at least when I have the pen.  But there is something ungiving about this wine.  A telephone conversation where the caller is on mute.  Needs time.  90 points

Abv: 15%
Price: $85
Tasted: October 2011

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