Chateau La Rayre Rosé 2009

It’s hard to go past rosé in summer.  It is of course not in fact summer, and indeed, Melbourne’s spring to date currently resembles more closely late winter.  But anyway, I enjoyed drinking this rosé from Bergerac situated to the east of Bordeaux, a blend of two thirds cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon and one third merlot.  A deeper hue of salmon pink in colour, the aroma is of crisp and crunchy peaches.  The palate reveals spices, nectar and a savoury balance.  Good drinking and well priced.

Rating: Good, Abv: 13%, Price: $18, Source: sample, Website:,  Importer’s website (, Tasted: 2011

2 thoughts on “Chateau La Rayre Rosé 2009”

  1. CP – pleased the system allows commenting again. No credit merited on my part I'm afraid! Yes, 2012 so far does look decidely cool and damp down this way, making the unseasonably warm week we had here in early August stand out even more. Hopefully, the fungicides don't run out this time :/CheersSean


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