World beating wine for $7 and other things I’ve read this week

The happy recent discoveries of the iPad and “Google Reader” (early adopter, I know …) have resulted in me unexpectedly keeping up-to-date with the various wine blogs around the planet. Sometimes the issues raised or wines reviewed are a bit obscure, but mostly though, they are interesting. Here are a few issues that I thought about this week:

1. ASDA criticised Decanter’s editor for suggesting it was almost impossible to produce a decent bottle of wine for under £5 (A$7.85). See this post from Steve Heimoff and this article in the Telegraph. ASDA’s comment: “Our team is constantly on the look-out to source worldclass wines at fantastic prices, and our shoppers, as well as a host of winecompetition judges, know that world beating wines can give you plenty of sparechange from a fiver”. Er, my thought, is good luck.

2. There was much discussion as to Robert Parker liking a particular Sonoma Coast pinot noir from Marcassin, ahead of a Domaine de la Romanée-Conti La Tâche on Dr Vino and the Wine Diarist. Perhaps being Australian I don’t really get the need to either support or side against Robert Parker’s opinions. As far as I can tell, he liked one wine more than another, and some others thought the opposite. In my experience with wine to date, this is largely normal. Neither can be wrong.

3. There has been, gasp, criticism of allocating points to wine. This is covered well on Fermentation. Here’s my view: “Some people like scores. Some people don’t. I don’t have a strong view: scores can be useful and so can narratives. I provide both.” Neither approach can be wrong if they are an expression of personal preferences: as wine tasting inevitably tends to be.

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