Jackson Triggs Proprietors’ Reserve Niagara Estate Vidal Icewine 2007

Vidal is perhaps not the most well known of grape varieties.  Somewhere between auxerrois and posip perhaps.  Jancis Robinson’s Oxford Companion to Wine reveals it to be a hybrid grape variety, whose parentage consists of Ugni Blanc (aka Trebbiano, aka the stuff they distill to create brandy) and one of the non vitis vinifera Seibel parents of Seyval Blanc.  So, mainly a grape to be observed, then pulled out.  But this time, there is a “but”.  This wine was delicious.  A Canadian ice wine made using naturally frozen grapes and pressed at -10c.  On the nose, a lovely lemon, citrus and orange rind fragrance.  On the palate, lemon, lime and refreshing length and acidity.  This is glorious stuff, with er, ah hem, only 248g/l of residual sugar.  87 points.

Abv: 10.5%
Website: http://www.jacksontriggswinery.com/en/

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