Ata Rangi Pinot Noir 2006

Bob Campbell MW rated this wine a 98, and claimed it as the best Ata Rangi he had tasted.  Unfortunately for the reader, I am not Bob Campbell, and I tasted this wine in a blind line-up, that tasting approach that is as cruel as it is fair.  Though, the accompanying duck was something of a giveaway of the grape variety, though not being a duck from Ata Rangi itself, it was harder to be more specific.  This wine had an absolutely superb aroma.  Everything you could ever want in a pinot noir.  Evident cherries, undergrowth, ripe fruit, a touch of oak.  I absolutely loved it – too pure and extravagant to be an “old world” wine.  But, sorry, there’s a but.  The palate did not meet the extravagant promises made.  Now, it was very good, with similar flavours, some acidity and spice, but it was lacking in a bit of persistence and mouth filling depth for my palate.  The aroma was so good though, I’ll give it a high score anyway.  Here are notes from the winery: 88 points (7.3/10).

Abv: 13.5%
Price: $80

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