Capel Vale Regional Series Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 and "cellar key"

This wine was sent to me as a sample, and had a “cellar key” with a barcode draped around the neck of the bottle.  The idea is that you download an app using your smart phone, scan the barcode, and hey presto, information is brought up about the wine, winemaker, vintage conditions and some reviews in a proprietary format.  Downloading the app took about 30 seconds on the iPhone, and the system worked pretty well and looks good.  It’s got some nice novelty, I’ll admit.  My only reservation wearing my wine consumer advocate hat is that it, I imagine, will only pick up the reviews of wines that the winery wants to you to see, whereas Google will pick the lot up including the views of yours truly.  But it’s a nice idea to give more information to consumers.

The 2009 Capel Vale “regional series” cabernet sauvignon?  Typical Margaret River.  Cedar, dusty blackcurrants and a touch of capsicum emerged from the glass.  Spice, ok length and black cherries were there on the palate.  The wine could have been a bit longer or denser, but it’s pleasant enough drinking at the price.  84 points (6.9/10)

Abv: 14%
Price: $24.95
Source: sample

2 thoughts on “Capel Vale Regional Series Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 and "cellar key"”

  1. Hi Sean,I received the same. Not as yet had an opportunity to look at it. The site only picking up the reviews it wishes is no different to sites only ever quoting excerpts of Halliday when there's a raft of writers out there.My other issue is that the info/ page it takes you to is non-vintage specific. Whilst the wine it accompanies is a 2009, the related page could by and large relate to any other moderately successful vintage.Maybe that's jut me being a bit of a ponse, when your consumer might not particularly care.CheersStu

  2. Stu – very good points. Winery websites often do a similar thing. Both get at the point of whether the extra information is (a) really like an extended label, written from the vendor's perspective or (b) is more like a wine consumer aid. I agree the cellarkey, a bit like many winery websites, is probably more (a) than (b).Regarding the vintage, interestingly, the information page did give vintage specific conditions for 2009 in the Margaret River, and the tasting notes page gives wine production statistics for the 2009 vintage. I must admit I therefore assumed that the tasting note would have followed from that year … (!) That's is a really good spot if the tasting note is in fact a generic one. And I see too that Halliday's review is in fact (fully disclosed) from the 2008 vintage. Here's a link to the website without having to use the cellar key: Good points, Stu. Not ponsey to me!CheersSean

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