Yeringberg new releases 2011

A couple of weeks ago, I made the trek out to Yeringberg’s historic vineyard in the Yarra Valley.  Yeringberg open their doors once a year for their new releases, and this was my first trip out there.  The weather was autumnal, the earth soggy.  So thanks then to the Gents who kindly helped push our car out of the bog that we could clearly have avoided parking in.  Fewer thanks to the vineyard dog who carefully pee’d on the car wheel during the process 🙂

There was a nice feel to the open day as several generations of the de Purys were in attendance greeting and pouring wines, even if the makeshift cellar door is somewhat rustic.  Think shed with roof and you’d be close.  I only got an opportunity to taste a small amount of each wine (though I did re-taste a few of them) in the ISO style glasses on offer (does anyone seriously like ISO glasses?), so I am only going to provide my impressions on the wines, without any scores.

Yeringberg Cabernet 2008, 14.3abv
Oak, blackcurrant aroma.  Powdery tannins, good length, spice and pepper on the palate.  Seemed pretty good.  But not cheap around the $70 mark.  Left thinking that, yes here is a good wine, but don’t forget I would get probably 2 bottles of similar quality from the Margaret River or Coonawarra.

Yeringberg Cabernet 2009, 13.5abv
This wine was declassified by the de Purys due to smoke taint from the 2009 Victorian bushfires, and is selling for $15.  “Declassified” is in fact written in big fat words on the label.  You really have to admire the honesty of this producer.  I love producers who tell it like it is.  A twiggy aroma.  Grilled meats, and a touch of ashtray smoke on the palate.  The smoke taint is honestly not that strong (this is one of the wines I tried a couple of times), but the de Purys warn it will get worse with time.  Suitable for current drinking.  I guess this really is a barbeque wine, happily sold at a barbeque wine price.

Yeringberg Chardonnay 2010, 12.5abv
Apples, minerals, straw and talc.  Similar palate, but finished a bit short and in a soft style.

Yeringberg Chardonnay 2009, 12.5abv
Minerals, apples, steel.  Apple and floral on the palate.  Seemed more interesting than the 2010, but a bit steep at $50.

Yeringberg Chardonnay 2008, 13.5abv
The pick of the chardonnays tasted.  Minerals, good fruit.  A quality wine.  Worth the money.

Yeringberg Viognier 2010, 13.5abv
Apricot stew.  A bit jumpy on the palate.  Acidity, some spritz, a bit hot and cold.  But nice length.

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