De Bortoli Noble One Botrytis Semillon 1992

De Bortoli were pioneer producers of botyritis semillon from the Riverina region, and the sheer quality (and affordability (and ageability for that matter)) of the “Noble One” wines continues to shine.  How did the ’92 stack up (now 19 years old)?  Well, first of all, its colour was amazing: almost a deep brown muscat like colour, yet not near oxidised on the palate.  Aromas of caramel and, excitingly (for lovers of aged Sauternes), marmalade eeked from the glass.  Flavours of sweet nectarines were supported by amazing length and acidity.  What impressed me most though was simply the freshness of this wine. It left the palate refreshed, rather than weighed down by any of the cloying stickiness that sometimes occurs with some botrytis semillons.  More please.  98 points (8.2/10)

Abv: 12%
Price: around $25 (current vintage)
Would I buy it having tasted it?  Yes

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