Glenwillow Nebbiolo d’Yandoit 2008

This wine gleefully displayed (ok, I made the gleeful bit up) its gold medal from the “Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show” in “class 16” (which turns out to be the nebbiolo category).  Which proves at least two things.  First, I sometimes wonder about wine shows.  Second, gold medals look nice on bottles.  This wine for me was largely a wine devoid of enjoyment.  It had a perhaps complex and promising aroma of sweet cherries, liqueur cherries, rocks and a touch of mint.  But the palate tasted like nothing in particular, with evident bitterness and acidity.  I thought to myself “well, I guess it’s not that bad because I can drink it and it goes fine with food”, but then I thought why bother.  79 points (6.4/10)

Abv: 13.5%
Price: $25
Would I buy it having tasted it?  No

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