Mount Langi Ghiran Nut Tree Hill Sangiovese 2005

Wine of course evolves over time.  I’ve tried this wine over a few years now, it being originally a cellar door purchase.  I didn’t particularly like it in 2012 but I think there’s a certain honour in drinking one’s errors and so I tasted it again in 2014.  Here’s the chronology.

2011: At the cellar door, I remember being quite impressed by this wine’s youthful vigour and quality.  Here are the winery’s notes.  Tasting it again in 2011, there was an aroma of spice and cherries, and a palate with considerable spice and a little length.  Acceptable to Good

2012: What I didn’t remember from that first tasting was its almost overwhelming acidity.  I am not entirely worried by acidity in wine, but this is a wine for acid lovers.  If there are food wines, this wine requires a banquet.  The wine tasted a little thin and sharp, with a bitter pippy flavour more prominent than previously.   Drink up, or tip out.  Poor to Acceptable

2014: The wine is starting to fade, but the acid is much more in balance than in 2012 and there are some warm, albeit not complex, tapering earth and spice characters.  This presented more like a faded version of my 2011 tasting of this wine than the 2012 version.  Acceptable

Rating: Acceptable (in 2014), Abv: 14%, Price: $25, Vendors:, Website:, Tasted: 2014

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