Jim Barry McRae Wood Shiraz 1998

This wasn’t what I’d call a bad find at the local Chinese restaurant.  Well it’s actually a rather excellent local Chinese restaurant, and they have a quite remarkable wine list, but it’s still not necessarily what you might expect.  According to Jim Barry’s website: “in 1964 Jim purchased 70 acres of prime land from Duncan McRae Wood and planted his first vineyard with shiraz.”  Like most Jim Barry wines, the 98 McRae Wood is very good.  On the nose, it had that “x” factor – i.e, a self evidently good wine.  Specifically, there were aromas of anise, leather and plums.  The palate had plums, dried herbs and some pleasant length.  Very good drinking, though drink now.  88-89 points (7.3-7.4/10).

Price: $50 (current release)
Abv: 13.5%
Would I buy it having tasted it?  Yes
Website: http://jimbarry.com

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