Sam Miranda Symphonia Las Triadas Tempranillo 2005

I bought this a few years ago now on the way back from Falls Creek.  Now, I wish I had a dozen.  Immediately upon opening the bottle it was obvious that my choice of the dish washer safe wine glasses (aka “the bad glasses”) was unfounded.  Why is it that most good wines can be spotted by smell alone?  This is a deeply coloured wine, with a very attractive aroma of plum skins.  On the palate, there is excellent length, red fruits, pepper and spice.  This, I think, is the best tempranillo I have tasted to date, in Australia or Spain, besting the previous title holder being the excellent Willow Bridge Estate Reserve Tempranillo 2004 from Geographe I tasted 6 months ago.  93 points (7.8/10).

Abv: 14%
Price: n/a
Would I buy it having tasted it?  An emphatic yes.

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