Miranda Golden Botrytis 2002

For a somewhat humble label, something very right happened with this wine in 2002.  It is made from semillon, and packs a solid 225g/litre of residual sugar.  But, it is not cloying.  Instead, it has an aroma (and taste) of luscious apricots.  It would not be embarrassed were it in the company of the more famous De Bortoli Noble One.  89-90 points (7.4-7.5/10)

Abv: 10%
Price: about $15
Would I buy it having tasted it?  Yes
Website: http://www.passionpopwines.com.au/product.asp?pid=63&selBrand=2

3 thoughts on “Miranda Golden Botrytis 2002”

  1. passionpopwines.com.au? I had no idea! But seeing your enjoyment of this wine made me think; 'hold on, I had that wine once, and I think I liked it too'. So I dug through my scribbles and lo-behold, I found a note from 2006 where I gave it a 92.Good to see it's still holding up Sean :)Cheers,Chris P

  2. just drank a bottle 4 days ago – it was an absolute delight. i even shared it with 3 people who dont drink sweet wines and i had to fight them off!I'm so glad i've still got bottles left

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