Blue Poles Reserve Merlot 2008

I’d heard a few good things about this small producer’s merlot from the Margaret River, so I decided to give it a go.  It was tasted along side the Chateau Beauregard 2006 from Pomerol.  It has an aroma of vanilla oak, bright plummy red fruit, tobacco and spices.  On the palate, there is good length, bright plums, some powdery tannins and oak evident.  I thought this wine had very nice fruit with good length, my only reservation being that I felt the oak a little obvious at this point.  It is a young wine, so it may intergrate with time.  Oh, and I thought it performed, on the palate, more strongly than the Beauregard – the fruit was simpler better (I marginally preferred the aroma of the Beauregard).  What was interesting was that, oak aside, on the nose, there was nonetheless some similarity: a feat suggesting some promise with this producer’s merlot.  87 to 88 points (7.2-7.3/10).

Price: $35
Abv: 14%

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