Allinda Double Picked Riesling 2005

So, double picked, I guess means you pick the grapes, and then, um …  Allinda’s winemaker, Al Fencaros describes it more clearly on Allinda’s website:

“It was decided to use these grapes to make a fortified “White Port” style of wine with dessert levels of alcohol, but with the freshness and fruit intensity only offered by the Riesling grape variety.  A mechanical harvester was set to pick the non-shrivelled berries first for our … dry Riesling. The machine was then reset to pick the remaining shrivelled berries for this wine.  After a very short fermentation on the shrivelled skins overnight, the still very sweet juice was pressed and fortified with brandy spirit. It was then matured for one year in old oak barrels to allow the fruit and spirit flavours to integrate.”

And a white port is indeed what this unusual wine resembles.  It would be very difficult to pick it as a riesling tasted blind.  It had a porty aroma supplemented with whiffs of hay, and a lean finish on the palate with a brown sugar note.  Not bad.  84 points.
Abv: 15%
Price: $21.50

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