2 thoughts on “Dan Murphy’s Private Bin Soft Merlot 2008”

  1. I guess both the beauty, and the curse, of the cleanskin label, is that we both could be drinking different wines, from different producers or from a different batch, and so we could both be right. Though cleanskins no doubt help wineries to sell off their excess wine in bulk, I wonder too whether their development is much of a positive for the wineries, since I can't imagine the prices recovered are high, and the wine is obviously not attributed to their efforts. Yet, I suppose at least they get something. For the consumer, cleanskins seem a bit of a lucky dip to me: sometimes quite good, sometimes rather bad to my taste; I almost never know what I'm going to get, even with bottles next to each other on the shelf. And I'd personally always prefer to know, if only to help those wineries producing good wine to keep on doing that.

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