Brammar Estate Pinot Noir 2003

This wine comes from a very small producer in the Yarra Valley, and I wanted to like it, but alas I struggled with it.  It had a “two stage” aroma.  Initially, the aroma was of slightly unpleasant wiffy alcohol, with some acetone and crushed rock notes.  It then opened out to sour dark cherries after about 15 minutes.  The palate seemed initially a bit bitter.  It however revealed quite some length although unfortunately of the “hot” kind, and I felt the wine a bit uneven.  With time it settled to a rather neutral black cherry liqueur type flavour with some viscosity on the palate.  High acid with some sharpish edges.  It actually reminded me a bit of a young Nebbiolo or Sangiovese, albeit one without strong tannins.  This might be better with some more time, but it is not great now. 14.5% alcohol.  75 points.

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